When life happens when you aren’t paying attention.

image                                                                                         So I haven’t written in a while. Okay, well over a year. Where did the time go? I’d say I’ve been a little busy to say the least. As a full-time mother, wife, antique booth hoarder and seller, goat herder, pig farmer, chicken charmer- I’d say I’m pretty busy. You are probably thinking so what? We all are. You’re right. But are you really paying attention? I mean when life is so busy and flying by from weekend to weekend? I will tell you a little well-known secret. Time will go by if you are standing still or running up hill. It’s just your perception that matters.

Flash has started college. There I said it. I was just walking through the local library with him picking out, “I Can Read Books”. I know he just learned to ride the bike that still sits in our garage. It must have been last week that he had is 11th birthday party in the treehouse outside our house. Where in the world have I been? I feel like I need to go back so I can pay better attention to all of those wonderful small things that become memories in a matter of minutes and filed away under “assorted things we did today”. I’m not even sure I was at his high school graduation! I vaguely remember a blur of blue and black dress shoes go by…

So after preparing all summer for the “move”, we dropped Flash off at college a few weeks ago to his elation. On his own for the first time, and I drove home thinking how did that happen? Often I find myself reviewing all the things we have done over the past four years of high school. Was it all fun and laughs. NO…. but I really enjoyed it!  No one prepared me for that feeling of, “Well you did a great job- it’s been a cool ride-  now he’s gone” feeling. I actually went up to his room for a week to make sure he wasn’t hopefully beamed up there by my sheer will.

Now don’t forget, I have Wildman, and that alone can fog up your brain. Wildman is now in the fifth grade, and still at full throttle. Swimming, golfing, drumming, taking back occasionally. So I have decided to pay more attention. Yes, I am going to try to live more in the moment. Take five million more pictures than I normally do, and pray that Flash doesn’t graduate college without me noticing!