Authentically Southern: Sweet Tea and Pecan Pie

I got the name Sallie Oldpaint quite by accident. I for some reason could not write my last name on my papers at school (even though it is shorter in length) so I just started writing Oldpaint as my last name. To this day everyone remembers. I think it fits perfectly. Especially since I love to paint old furniture and make things look shabby chic.

I am a long time mom and housewife. We live on a small farm and have chickens, a pig, a goat, a horse and a dog. Oh, and a fish! I love to read, hike, bike, decorate, cook, and kayak. Notice I didn’t say houseclean? Don’t worry, I do it, I just don’t like it. I enjoy my family and my pets make me smile. I love nothing more than a bright sunny day and working in the garden.

Being southern is as easy as drinking ice tea. We say ya’ll, and say yes mam and no thank you all the time.  We believe in God and country and homemade pecan pie.  Bon fires are treated as formal affairs. We wear pearls when we work out. (Some of us wear pearls when we work out,  but some of us wear cut off jeans and huge t-shirts with John Deere on the front). Some people say this is a redneck thing, and more on that later. By the way,  I might have worn all of the above ….  Did I mention I love John Deere? We write thank you notes for a bar of soap, and always take a hostess gift with us to parties. We drink mint julep under our shaded porches and pet our hound dogs with our foot while rocking in our chairs. I would love to invite you to share some of my days with me so pull up a seat and visit for a while.


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