A Walk Through the Pasture- The Best Therapy

Hectic lives are the norm for most families. The errands, appointments, and children run our lives. Music lessons, gymnastics, soccer, swimming, and birthday parties. Overwhelmed yet? Most moms are! So as it became springtime again I took the suggestion from a dear friend to slow down a bit instead of speeding up. Long walks in the pasture and many breathing in moments when I can grab them. This dear friend of mine just happens to be a very smart pig. Seeing life through her eyes has given me the perspective that the things in life that matter the most are the minutes we have in between the hours of obligations and schedules.

I am always a better mom when I stop and smell the clover. Everyone needs to recharge and actually be in the moment. Life is precious and is not a task or function- it’s a feeling of “being”.

Go barefoot. Breathe in. Jog a little. Look around and hold your snout to the sky. Hold your tail straight. Eat weeds- or maybe not. It only takes a few minutes to feel some relief and clarity.


Pickles enjoying her Saturday morning.


4 thoughts on “A Walk Through the Pasture- The Best Therapy

  1. She is so pretty in the field of yellow flowers ☀
    I think the Luna goat has the prettiest little mark on her head ❤

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