Flea Markets… Only in the South

Give a southern woman an old screen door, vintage linens, a punch bowl, and an old window, and you have a flea market. There is not a southern born woman out there that can’t turn junk into a page from Southern Living. Maybe it goes back to Scarlett O’Hara days or maybe it’s because we live for lemonade in vintage cups with someone’s monogram on them we never met. Silver spoons from old plantations and pure cotton linens are a must at most markets. Give me the smell of chalk paint drying and old books any day over a new boutique store.

I recently opened up my own “booth” in a thrift/antique mall. It just gives me an excuse to “store” my extra things so my husband doesn’t realize how many buckets, and picture frames I really have! Give me a silver tray that’s rusted, and I will show you what a can of spray paint can do! There is not a thing out there I can’t fix with a staple gun or paint. Now wouldn’t you know it? My husband decides to sell some of his license plates (he collects them and they are everywhere) in the booth and that’s what we sell the most!

It’s well-known I still shop on the weekends at various places for my own home. My husband and I make it an event. Most weekends you can find us looking through other people’s junk… I mean collectibles. I think my favorite thing I have found was a huge metal cow which use to be part of a gate on a dairy farm. I guess it just depends on what you are looking for and what grabs your attention! It now hangs over my couch in the living room. I know you must be completely jealous, but you too can find your own great decor below the Mason Dixon Line.

Now you might be thinking, now where can I find a basket made completely out of acorns? I kid you not at a flea market in Alabama. Looking for an oxen head? Flea market in Georgia. (I ran by it because it was on the floor looking at me.) And have you always wanted your own “used” toilet seat? Flea market…Tennessee. Sorry Tennessee!



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