Happiness is as Easy as a Pig in the Sun


Happiness is something animals find simple an easily obtainable. Why can’t we learn a little from them? Feeling that not so happy feeling? Go out in the sun. Like right now. No wait, read this first.

Since pigs can’t buy a new tube of lipstick or go to a movie, the sun is like the next best thing. You might say, “Well what do pigs have to be unhappy about?” A lot of things! Easily sunburned, hair that feels like a porky pine, a dirty blanket ( they get cold easily ), the fan is broken- they don’t sweat because they don’t have sweat glands so the saying “Sweat like a pig” is a lie-( and that is very hurtful ), wishing they had a pizza but don’t have fingers so they can’t order one, can’t reach the refrigerator handle… you see?

Many people have written about their version of happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. Um, I don’t know about you, but I am not happy sometimes no matter what “State” I am in. I think maybe happiness is your own perception of things for your own circumstances. In the South, for the most part, ladies are NOT unhappy. But I beg to differ- a martini will cover up most anything at the local garden club.

                      FIVE THINGS TO BE A HAPPIER YOU

Bold lipstick. Go ahead, it’s cheap and it feels fabulous. Lipstick can be a real confidence booster. It can make you feel pretty even when you are sick. My mother is addicted to lipstick, but it’s okay since it’s not life threatening or anything.

Sit in the Sun. Just a few minutes can make a huge difference. Can’t go outside? Then raise the blinds. There is nothing worse than sitting in the dark. Let that light come in. Sit in a warm car in the sun. Sit on your front step. Pickles has taught me that the sun is like a drug. A wonderful happiness drug that makes her, in mid run, fling herself down in a sun patch and smile. (I have actually copied this scenario, and I will just let you imagine what that looked like.)

Smile at a Stranger. I know, your mother told you not to talk to strangers, but you can at least smile. I find that if I’m feeling down if I smile at someone else it boosts my own mood. Try talking or laughing with someone in line at a store. Sometimes when you take the focus off yourself it helps. Okay, I know you are thinking you crazy Southerns talk to everybody. Why yes we do. We are nice! Mostly. Maybe not before coffee, but anyway.

Music. Remember when you were a teenager and everything was a song? Get your mojo back. Go for a drive and turn up the radio. No, not on the L.A. Freeway. Take a back road- maybe somewhere pretty. There is a mountain area near here that is just beautiful and relaxing to drive through. Go on a Saturday and take a sandwich and your favorite drink. Music really makes things seem better. Turn it up!

Make a Memory. It doesn’t have to cost anything. Spend time with your family or favorite friends with a cup of coffee. Sit on the floor with your cat or dog. (Or goat, pig, – not horse (dangerous!) Go for a hike with your kids. Visit the park. Get together with friends for a pizza night once a month. Call your grandmother. Don’t call her if she’s like mine because “Grandmother” doesn’t know when to stop talking and I have actually dozed off before on the phone with her. Not good. And probably not happy. Or maybe play a game you haven’t played in a while that is sitting in your cabinet. I know you have one because we all do. I thought it would be fun when I bought it and now I am too lazy to read the instructions. So you might want to stick with checkers. Memories are all we really have that are our very own. Happy memories are the threads of what makes are lives bearable.

Remember in the words of Lemony Snicket,

“Oftentimes, when people are miserable, they will want to make other people miserable, too. But it never helps.”                                                                                                                          

20140116-104809.jpg        Pickles in the sun. Getting happy.


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