Ever Feel Like You Are Being Watched?


Jello is waiting for her snack.

Jello is a Buff Orpington breed. She is also a major pig! Don’t get me wrong, the other chickens love snacks too, but Jello will actually stand at the door and watch me while I cook. I have actually witnessed her taking food out of the dogs mouth. We apparently have a very patient dog- or he is scared of chickens- or both. The Buff Orpington breed produces a very sweet chicken, and they seem to have a good personality. Who knew chickens were smart too? The Orpington seems to be very smart…

When my mother pulls up in the yard Jello will run or “waddle” for all she’s worth to see if she has brought her a surprise. This causes the other chickens to stop what they are doing and run too. It’s like somebody says, “Hey! Brad Pitt!” And then they are off! Wings spread, heads down, chatter and clucking. You should see my mom trying to run for the front door before the chickens can get to her- yelling, “I don’t have anything!” This is enhanced and even more entertaining if the pig and goat are near by.  Who knew she could run so fast?

A guilt trip from a flock of chickens is a powerful thing so the other day my mom got out of her car armed with a box of Ritz crackers. Maybe for protection? Or just because she loves her grandchickens.


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