Getting Warmer?

Chickens get cold too! Chickens have plenty of down feathers, but even they can start to shake when the temperatures drop. It has been very cold here. Yes, even here. I told a New Yorker on the phone yesterday how cold I was and he said, “Okay, I’ll bite…how cold is it?”  I know we shouldn’t complain- we are spoiled with plenty of warm days and sunshine! But when your chickens start shopping online at Lands End for parkas, well you get the picture.

I went out late last night to check on the girls. We have a heat lamp on them during the night, and I like to check to make sure they are all getting a piece of it. Grandma chicken likes to sit in the middle of the group- making sure she is warm on both sides. She has a bit of arthritis and can really start to hurt if she gets too chilly.  This is what I encountered:  What? What’s going on? Hey! Stop crowding me! Cluck, cluck. Stop touching me- she pushed me! Can we eat? What time is it? Did you bring crackers? Stop shoving! Can I get down from here? Did you see that? She pecked my head! Can we go in and watch t.v.? Cluck, cluck, cluck! I’d like a cup of warm water! CLUCK!

Usually chickens are quiet during the night. They have poor night vision and are naturally quiet when the sun goes down. Since the girls have a “spotlight” it was like walking in to a spend the night party! Do they make sleep masks for chickens?


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