Rain, Rain, Go Away!

If you live on the east coast you will already know how much rain we have been getting lately. I personally am ready to see the sun again! Luna, our fainting goat, is very quiet today and maybe even a bit sullen. She is sugar white and fluffy like cotton candy.  Have you ever watched cotton candy dissolve when you drip water on it? Need I say more? As a rule goats don’t like water or mud or anything that would interfere with their beauty. Her friend Pickles the pig is of the same mind set.

Pickles has not been out of her pig condo very much at all these past few days. Yesterday she ran out of her house during a downpour of rain yelling, “I’m on FIRE! Help! I’m on Fire!” Honestly. I promise. Well as you can imagine this sent Luna in to a fit of laughter and then….she fainted. The mud puddle was really not that bad, but she may need some counseling.


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